Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing (Guided)

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing (Guided)

This is your opportunity to sample the delights of some of the best routes, not only in the UK, but also the world. Many of the routes have been around since the inception of the sport of rock climbing and for over one hundred years. Most routes will have been given three stars in the guidebook for the quality of the climbing. This is usually dictated by the exposure, the situation, the length and the actual moves on the route. They will certainly give you lifelong memories!

You can rest assured the guides we use will not only be experienced and qualified to the highest standard but will be members of a professional body such as Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) or the British Mountain Guides (BMG) Look for the badge they will wear proudly!

Taking people beyond their comfort zones in a relatively ‘safe’ environment requires our guides to be friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and dare I even say it a little bit ‘cool’ (not in an arrogant way though). It’s important for them to keep you safe at all times but at the same time have a little bit of banter or craic with you. Perhaps it’s just their way to deal with the responsibilities they have in their hands, literally. Their sense of humour is questionable and will possibly tell the worst jokes you have ever heard in your life. We at Roxcool take no responsibility for this!

You might think that lots of climbing experience is required before attending one of these two day courses but in actual fact, you only really need the basics. Therefore, we ask you to have completed an induction at a climbing wall or even better, an introductory climbing course with ROXCOOL and desire to experience the delights of climbing these magnificent rock climbs. Specifically, and preferably candidates should have; gained a little experience of climbing outdoors, are able to use a belay plate, belay and tie basic knots. Candidates should have a reasonable level of fitness as some of the climbing areas can take up to an hour + to walk to and it's not unusual to be active for ten hours + on at least one day. You must be a minimum twelve years old at the commencement of the course. These experiences are well suited to parent and child weekends.

Routes Used

Some of the routes we use regularly include:
Little Chamonix – 3*** Very Difficult (Shepherds)
Troutdale Pinnacle – 3*** Severe (Black Crag)
Corvus – 3*** Diff. (Raven Crag)
Bracket and Slab – 3*** Very Severe 4b Gimmer Crag)
Haste Not - 3*** Very Severe 4c (White Gill)
Eliminate A – Dow Crag - 3*** Very Severe 4c (Dow Crag)

If there was a particular route you wanted to do, such as one of the Scottish sea stacks (Old Man of Hoy or Old Man of Stoer), then give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll happily give you a price.
Learning skills along the way is a natural expectation on these courses but if you wanted to learn more just mention this to the guide on the day and they will base the day around your needs…Alternatively, you could come back and do one of our Multi-pitch rock climbing skills course.

Private tuition (1:1) is available. Once again just contact us to discuss and to get a price.

Course Information

Duration – Two days (longer or shorter courses can be arranged, just drop us a message to find out more.
We normally start these courses as a relaxed affair by guiding you up a relatively easy route, to get you use to the processes you will need to get the most you can from the two days. We will spend some time discussing and explaining stance changeovers as being able to do this efficiently will speed up what you are doing and allow you to maximise the time you spend on the rock. We will try to fit in an abseil, in case of an emergency or if that is actually the only way off the route. Depending on your experience we may also spend some time looking at gear and protection placements to boost your confidence with your own capabilities and to be confident retrieving our precious equipment.

Accommodation: This course is non-residential - recommendations are available for camping, bunkhouses, hostels and hotels.

Staff Ratio: Training 1:2 Please note we need a minimum two people for this course to be viable but 1:1 ratio and price can be arranged.

Venue: Lake District (contact us if you would like to arrange for this course to be delivered in another area.

Equipment Required: Your usual climbing equipment which is also available to loan should you need it. All technical equipment and protection is included on this course.

Cost: Course only £195 (two days) – 1:1 ratio price available upon request.
*Please note we need two people to make this a viable course.

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