Multipitch Rock Climbing (SKILLS)

Mult-Pitch Rock Climbing (SKILLS)

This is one of the most satisfying courses for us here at Roxcool to deliver. As well as guiding candidates up some of the United Kingdom’s classic routes and those that are steeped in history, the course aims to arm the participants with all the skills needed to enjoy these fantastic routes and opens up a whole new world of adventure possibilities. The programme can be tailor made to meet the needs of the participants and offers coaching in rope work, stance management, route finding, emergency procedures and much more. Even for relatively experienced rock climbers the thought of climbing multiple pitches on a single route can feel quite daunting. This course is designed to make you a ‘complete’ independent rock climber, boosting both your knowledge and your sills.

Participants can expect a very intensive course with a staff to client ratio of 1:2, making for a very valuable learning experience. The course is usually based in the Lake District but we can travel to other areas as well such as Scotland or North Wales. The option to find your own accommodation is available, however, accommodation recommendations can be given if required.

For those attempting to get on the British Stunt Register, the new criteria (2019) require you to be climbing multi-pitch rock climbs. This course is an ideal progression path following your achievement or the Rock Climbing Instructor qualification and can also be integrated in to your climbing armoury at a very early stage. Contact us for more details.

It is worth bearing in mind that the days spent on this course can be long and physical with walk-ins sometimes taking ninety minutes to get to the foot of the crag and it’s not unusual for the day to be ten plus hours long. Therefore, a general all-round hill fitness is required by all participants. Please do not let this put you the rewards are definitely worth it.

Course Information

Duration – Two days (longer or shorter courses can be arranged, just drop us a message to find out more.


The course usually starts off relaxed by you being guided up a relatively easy route, to get you use to the processes you will be learning and putting into practice on the second day. We will spend some time discussing and explaining stance changeovers for both, you as the leader and as a ‘second’. We will show you how to abseil either in case of an emergency or if that is actually the only way off the route. Depending on your experience we may also spend some time looking at gear and protection placements to boost your confidence with your own capabilities.

On the second day (experience, confidence and skills dependent) We try and allow you to put into practices all the skills learnt on the first. The programme is flexible and can be adapted to each candidate’s needs.

Accommodation: This course is non-residential - recommendations are available

Staff Ratio: Training 1:2

Venue: Lake District (contact us if you would like to arrange for this course to be delivered in
another area.

Equipment: Your usual climbing equipment which is also available to hire should you need it. All
technical equipment and protection is available to borrow while you attend this course.

Cost: Course only £195 (two days)

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