Learn to Climb (Five Day Course)

Learn to Climb (Five Day Course

From zero to hero! Well not quite. For those of you who have not done much climbing outdoors this course should set you up to be an independent climber able to climb at most venues without much of a problem. Where possible we will take you to different venues on each day where you will be able to experience climbing on different types of rock; from gritstone to limestone with a bit of sandstone and volcanic rock thrown into the mix. From single pitch to multi-pitch climbs (where applicable).
As well as giving you memories that will last a lifetime we will arm you with the skills required to second a leader, understand leader placed protection and other essential climbing equipment, build belays to be able to safeguard others from the top of a crag, belay a leader and bring up a second, a personal abseil and if you’re in the right area, experience multi-pitch rock climbs where you will be shown the best ways to communicate and do changeovers on the belays stances.
For those with a little more experience climbing outdoors at the beginning of the course, we will endeavour to introduce you to the black art of leading traditional rock climbs. This is highly dependent on the progression of each individual and their confidence and general abilities. Rest assured our instructors are qualified and experienced to the highest levels and will be assessing your abilities on a daily basis, hopefully urging you gently towards independence.
This course would be a natural progression from either our Learn to Climb (Two Day Basics) or even our Indoors to Outdoors course or as a standalone programme in its own right.

Course Information

There is no set programme for this course but is developed around the area we deliver it in, be it North of England, The Lake District, the Peak District or another area. Day one is usually spent introducing you to the equipment you’ll be using for the week ahead, the basics of leader placed protection, being guided up a few routes where the knowledge you will require, will be drip fed and reinforced throughout the day.
Day two will be the start of your independence, building belays and making judgement about specific protection and anchors and how it could be improved.
Day three and Four will be putting it all into practice and possibly being introduced to leading (in a safe manner)
Day five will be more of the same and your opportunity to practice anything which may still be confusing you about traditional climbing.

Venue: Various venues around the north of England - North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Peak District and the Lake District (contact us if you would like to arrange for this course to be delivered in another area).

Duration – Five days

Accommodation: This course is non-residential - recommendations are available

Staff Ratio: 1:4 Please note, a minimum of three people are required for this course to be viable.

Equipment: All technical equipment and protection is available to borrow while you attend this course but if you have your own please bring this along and we can confirm if it is suitable or not.

Cost: Course only £345.00 (five days) Please note, you will need to arrange your own accommodation should you need it and a minimum of two people are required for this course to be viable. 


You must be a minimum 16 years old at the commencement of the course.

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