Lowland Leader


The Lowland Leader is one of Roxcool’s favourite courses to deliver; the people who join us are often enthusiastic to know more about the outdoors, they then share this enthusiasm with like-minded people throughout their experience. The scheme often leads you through local, outstanding terrain; venturing through: farmland, coastal pathways, woodland, forests and country parks, our routes are easily accessible and simple in their nature. At Roxcool, we love to share our knowledge, passion and experiences with you; this far exceeds ‘how to read a map’ or ‘understand the basics of a compass’; we will introduce you to fascinating facts around fauna and flora, give you confidence on how to manage and lead others safely, and ignite/affirm knowledge and respect for the outdoors. This course is idyllic for those just starting out on the ‘walking leader’ journey irrespective of whether for personal or professional purposes. This scheme is highly acclaimed by teachers and youth workers alike, who have frequently used it to ensure readiness to support the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at Bronze level. An ideal qualification for the masses; this course, in its convenience, transports you from urban settings through many rights of way and crisscrossing into our beautiful countryside. Both mentally and physically stimulating the Lowland Leader scheme is the perfect addition to your CV and skill set; book now with ROXCOOL.

There is no camping or overnight element to this qualification as this is now covered by the Expedition Skills Module which can be attended once the Lowland Leader is achieved.

To get started on the Lowland Leader scheme you need to meet the following prerequisites:
• You must be at least 17 years old
• You should have an interest in leading groups in lowland countryside

If the above applies to you, here's what to do next:

1. Create an account on the Mountain Training Candidate Management System here or log in if you already have one.
2. Register for the Lowland Leader scheme (this costs £49)

Prior to commencing your chosen Lowland Leader please ensure that you have completed the following steps:

• Prior to attending Training, record your experience (minimum 10 Quality Lowland Days (QLD’s)
• Attend a training course (minimum contact time of 16 hours, usually over two days)
• Consolidate your experience (Gain a further 10 QLD’s minimum prior to attending an assessment)
• Attend an assessment course (Minimum contact time of 16 hours, usually over two days)
• There is also a requirement to attend a two day first aid course but this is not needed until presenting for the assessment

A copy of the Lowland Leader Handbook is available free to down load here


Training – two days (16 hours minimum)

Assessment – two days (16 hours minimum)


Training - Ratio: 1 : 6 and 2 12.. Over the two days you can expect to look at the following: leader equipment personal and group, using and walking on maps of varying scale (usually 1:25 and 1:50K, basic use of the compass, leadership and positioning, emergency preparedness and procedures, as well many other topics relating to the lowland walking environment

Assessment - Ratio: 1 : 4 and 2 : 8.  As above over two days. No camping requirement

Accommodation: This course is non-residential 


Training – North East based (Bespoke courses can be arranged in any area of the UK)

Assessment – North East Based (Bespoke courses can be arranged in any area of the UK) 

Cost: Course only - £140



 28th and 29th November 2020


 19th and 20th December 2020

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