Indoors to outdoor


Indoors to Outdoor

As an introduction to the sport, climbing indoors has its merits but there comes a time in most climber’s life when they wonder what it would be like to climb on real rock. When compared, the experiences are similar in many ways but then again so different. Having a mini adventure outdoors with the sun on your back at a remote crag in Northumberland or at any of the other popular areas to climb, these are the ones to be cherished and stay with you for a lifetime. 

This course is aimed at those people who have climbed extensively in a climbing wall environment but would like to learn the essential skills and techniques to climb safely outdoors. Skills covered during the course include: safe rope management systems, the black art of placing rock protection and retrieving it, setting up of anchors and the complexities of the belay chain, belayer position and belaying from the top of the route, top rope set ups, personal protected abseils, as well as many more subjects. This course does not cover those skills required to lead routes, this is covered in our Learn to Lead (Traditional Climbs) course and is a natural progression to this course. 

Our goal is to arm you with enough skills for you to be able to go climbing outdoors independently following the completion of the programme. This is of course dependent on your experience and your ability to take on the learning.


You must be a minimum 11 years old at the commencement of the course.

Course Information

Duration – Two days (longer or shorter courses can be arranged, just drop us a message to find out more.

There is no set programme for this course but some of the expected outcomes can be found listed below: 

Practice the skills required to second a lead climber on a traditionally, leader placed, protected route

Correct and effective placement of protection (building confidence and judgement)
Building a safe climbing anchor/belay
Equipment for traditional rock climbing
Dealing with common problems that might occur while climbing
Rope management systems and belaying
Climbing techniques for outdoor climbing
Use of a guidebook
Knowledge of climbing etiquette and environmental issues

Accommodation: This course is non-residential - recommendations are available

Staff Ratio: 1:6  Please note, a minimum of two people are required for this course to be viable.

Venue: Various venues around the north of England - North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Peak District and the Lake District (contact us if you would like to arrange for this course to be delivered in
another area).

Equipment: Your usual climbing equipment which is also available to hire should you need it. All technical equipment and protection is available to borrow while you attend this course.

Cost: Course only £140 (two days) Please note, a minimum of two people are required for this course to be viable.

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